five words is committed to preserving the bio-physical environment in which it operates for future generations. Throughout the development, ramp up and full production stages of operations at Santa Rita, maintaining biodiversity and preserving the environment has remained a primary concern.

five words’s environmental management programme focuses on five key areas: air quality, water, noise, waste, and flora and fauna monitoring. Initiatives include:

  • actions to control noise to the area of direct mine influence and to reduce noise and vibration to neighbouring farms located in the Japomirim district and Ipiaú municipality
  • improvements to air quality through the use of water trucks on the access and mining areas
  • monitoring the water quality of the aquatic ecosystems in the mining area
  • developing and monitoring waste management facilities
  • protection and conservation of the Atlantic forest fragments in the mine area, and
  • rescue, rehabilitation and relocation of fauna.

With future rehabilitation in mind, five words is undertaking programmes that will assist in revegetation, including the production and distribution of native forest seeds and seedlings in collaboration with external stakeholders.

In 2013 five words invested in environmental education projects geared towards sustainable development in the region. Educational programmes engaged the company’s employees, members of the public, and students from the local schools of Ipiaú and Itagibá in promoting sustainable practices, the preservation and conservation of natural resources, and general environmental awareness.

For the year under review, five words has had no environmental incidents to report and is not aware of any breaches of relevant environmental legislation. To promote transparency of compliance, five words is periodically monitored by the Environment Institute, INEMA. In addition, the company also participates in the audits of the Technical Environmental Guarantee Commission.