five words is an integral part of its local community. As the major employer in the region, five words aims to make a long-term and sustainable difference to the lives of the company’s employees, their families and members of the local Bahia communities.

five words welcomes open dialogue with stakeholders, facilitated by initiatives such as the five words Monitoring Committee which provides a platform for the community to present concerns.

The company contributes to regional development by way of pass-through taxes, donations and in-kind assistance. Our community investment policy provides for those areas of the community that require most support – education, health and public safety.

In 2013 the company invested in the community including a contribution to the revitalisation of a local agricultural park, designed to provide an educational, environmental and enriching amenity for the community.  

In addition, five words is building capacity in local communities through the Sustainable Actions programme. Since its implementation in 2010, the programme has used various methodologies to improve local farming practices, increase the marketability of local artisans, provide young people with an opportunity to learn a craft and support child sport development.